European Microscopic Colits Group
European Microscopic Colits Group


In 2014 the EMCG was granted the UEG Link Award 2014. This award helps fund cross-border projects coordinated by UEG National Societies. The award was granted for the PRO-MC Collaboration: Establishment of a PROspective data registry and harmonising follow-up and treatment of MC in Europe. 

PRO-MC Collaboration

Due to the lack of prospective data, the disease course of MC is still largely unpredictable. In order to enable evaluation of the disease course, a large patient cohort is required. Therefore, an international collection of prospective data is essential. The primary aims of the PRO-MC project are:

  1. To establish a pan-European data registry for prospective registration of MC patients and their follow-up data according to a standardized follow-up strategy.
  2. To validate and implement the diagnostic criteria of MC, and to increase the awareness among pathologists, in collaboration with the European Society of Pathology (ESP).

The expected benefits of this project include:
  • Increased awareness and increased knowledge of MC across Europe.
  • Establishment of a prospective, European registry, for systematic registration of patient data.
  • More insight in the disease course of MC, which will enhance treatment strategies and patient counselling in turn.
  • More insight in the disease course and treatment outcomes of MC, enhancing treatment strategies and patient counselling in turn
  • Europe-wide collaboration between members of the National Societies in the field of MC.


All European centers interested in MC and MC research, are candidates for participation in the PRO-MC Collaboration. If your center is interested in participation, or if you want to receive more information about the project, please feel free to contact us by e-mail (
Please download the zipped folder below in order to retrieve all documents you might need for site initiation, ethical approval or using the registry.