European Microscopic Colits Group
European Microscopic Colits Group

EMCG Research Grant

The European Microscopic Colitis Group (EMCG) offers a research grant per year to promote innovative scientific research in the area of Microscopic Colitis (MC) in Europe. The applicants can be basic and/or clinical scientists who have the intention to conduct MC research within Europe. The EMCG grant is selected by an EMCG grant committee. The grant winner should present the progress of the research project at the EMCG annual meetings. The intention of this procedure is to give researchers access to an expert group, promote exchange and the hope to attract further members to the EMCG.

Terms of submission/obligations

In order to be eligible, the candidate must submit an original MC research project to the EMCG grant committee.
All applicants should submit a proposal for a research project (max 5 pages in total) including the following information:

  • Project title
  • Name, full address, affiliations
  • Summary of the proposal (300 words)
  • Introduction/background
  • Aim
  • Methodology and working plan
  • Significance and impact
  • Budget
  • CV of the Grant candidate
  • Disclosure of additional funding that will be taken into consideration in the final selection

Applications should be send to Andreas Münch ().


  • Only one proposal may be submitted per applicant and/or department by the submission date.
  • The annual deadline for submission for an EMCG Grant is 15 June.
  • The grant winner will be informed 2 month prior to the EMCG annual meeting in autumn. At this meeting the project should be presented.
  • The progress of the research should be presented at each annual meeting (prior UEGW)
  • Recipients that have been awarded with an EMCG grant cannot reapply for the same project. Reapplications must be totally new.
  • EMCG grant holders are required to inform EMCG of all abstracts and publications of the project and the EMCG shall be acknowledged as contributing to their funding.

Review Process

All projects will be reviewed and scored by the members of the EMCG grant committee consisting of 4 EMCG members.
The evaluation is based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and innovative nature of the proposal
  • Methodology
  • Feasibility of research project and budget
  • International scientific level of the research team
  • Importance of the project in the field of MC
  • Formal criteria

EMCG grant committee members that are biased in the process should declare their conflicts of interest. The grant committee strives for consensus concerning the potential grant winners.


The EMCG grant money is collected by sponsorship via industrial partners, patient contributions and EMCGs own money. All sponsorships will be declared with announcement and distribution of the grant. The sum of the grant is 10.000-20.000 EU.

Grant Winner 2022

Celia Escudero-Hernandez from Kiel, Germany
Topic: “Hidden secrets in collagenous colitis: What is in the collagen band?”
The grant sum was 20000 Euro sponsored by Dr Falk Pharma (10000 Euro) and Tillotts Pharma (10000 Euro) – many thanks!

Grant Winner 2023

Anna Rode from Copenhagen, Denmark
The grant committee decided to grant the award to the research team of Ms. Rode for their project “Faecal Microbiota Transplantation for Microscopic Colitis” - a prospective pilot study.
The grant sum was 20000 Euro sponsored by Dr Falk Pharma (10000 Euro) and Tillotts Pharma (10000 Euro) – many thanks!